12 hours to go

So 12 hours to go and we're all in for a journey. More of a personal thing. From all the accounts I've read, the best thing is looking back at any given picture and being able to remember everything about it. I'm really looking forward to that. I wish I had a job that would allow me to have my D200 with my every day, could have a lot of fun trying to get pics with that. iPhone will have to do and I'm excited. I don't really go anywhere without my phone, so it should be good!


Deb from Canada said...

I'm going to be doing this too! I was just going to get the pics printed and put them in a photo album, but now i'm thinking of creating an account and posting them online as well. I am going to add your blog to my google reader. Can't wait to get started :) If you want, i will leave my blog address here once i create it.

Anonymous said...

where are the pictures????

quit slackin' suk'a!!