I wrote out a bunch of text with this post, which would explain the reason for a 100% random painting of a parrot. But for some reason it isn't posting with the photo. So anyways, I was looking for something epic for my first day on the job. Fireworks from new years, a couple kissing, someone passed out on the floor. No, I'm sorry I'm such a let down. The best I could do would be this masterpiece of a painting at this mexican restaurant we ate at this evening. Please take note of the wings and their location. Very odd. I've eaten here several times without ever noticing this. Our waiter also only spoke in grunts in, what I can guess, a mix between english and spanish. Interesting. Hope everyone is enjoying 2008 so far!


Deb from Canada said...

Hey.. congrats on starting the project! What is awesome about this picture, is that you never noticed the parrot's wings before. (I didn't either until you mentioned it).. and because of this whole thing you've somewhat enriched your life by noticing something countless other ppl probably haven't. lol
Anyway.. thanks for the explanation!
If you're interested, this is my project: http://project365plus1.wordpress.com/

JurassicaG said...

haha i think this picture is great! i didn't notice those wings either at first but they are definitely picture worthy.

Stephanie said...

bird ass-wings.
high five.